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Discover How YOU Can Change Your LIFE Using Hypnosis -
With World-Famous Hypnotist to the Stars, Randy Charac!

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Dear Friend __

What would you MOST like to change in your life right now?

I mean, if you could change anything.

Would you...

Turn yourself into a fantastic public speaker, able to deliver wonderful speeches at a moment’s notice – without even a touch of fear
Enjoy being your absolutely perfect weight, looking fantastic in your own skin, feeling great about your own body, every single day
Become super-healthy and more energetic, getting rid of pain, anxiety, stress, and other issues that lessen our performance
Switch on your awesome psychic sensors, allowing you to tap into amazing knowledge that you wouldn’t normally have a clue about!
Turbo-charge your sports play, suddenly playing brilliantly in your game, excelling in everything from golf to martial arts to tennis to surfing
Enjoy earning thousands of dollars, in extra cash, as you rocket forward towards greater prosperity in your life
Increase your business skills, by easily wiping out stress, gaining great sales power, enjoying better time management & more!

Wouldn’t these things be nice?

Well, here’s the important part...

You can achieve ALL of these phenomenal results, and MUCH MORE right now – using the power of hypnosis.

Hypnosis really WORKS, and can help you to change almost ANYTHING in your life. It can help you to literally reprogram your inner mind, so that you start gaining the results you’re seeking FASTER than EVER BEFORE.

Yes, hypnosis is amazing.

But it’s also EXPENSIVE.

It costs an average of $100 per session to see a hypnotherapist, and most issues require multiple visits. It can be both embarrassing and time consuming. And online hypnosis sites can often be tricky to use, charging way too much for their services.

Well, what if there was an alternative?

What if you could access a SECRET HYPNOSIS VAULT, containing a whole collection of high quality, ready-to-run hypnosis sessions...

... All for just ONE TINY FEE?


“Randy Charac is widely respected as hypnotist to the stars. If you're looking for five star treatment, then I'd recommend his Hypnosis Vault.”

- Bradley Thompson, #1 self-development author
- www.selfhelpstreet.com

He's Known as the "Hypnotist to the Stars."
Now YOU Can Have Master Hypnotist Randy Charac
On Call to Help Change YOUR Life - 24 Hours a Day!

Randy Charac is one of the world’s most respected hypnotherapists.

His clients include Tony Curtis, Sean Penn, Jason Lee, Tony Parsons, Bruce Allen, and even John Travolta.

He’s the man the STARS go to when they want to change their lives.

Well, what if you had Randy ON TAP?

What if you could have him come round to your house at ANY time of the day or night - and have him use hypnosis to change YOUR life, PRECISELY as you wanted?

And what if you could have him keep coming round, time after time, at absolutely NO EXTRA COST?

Wouldn’t that be a LIFE-CHANGING experience?

Well, that’s EXACTLY what you’ll be getting when you discover the Hypnosis Vault.

For the first time ever, Randy has taken the EIGHTEEN most commonly requested hypnotherapy topics from his practice – and recorded them as hypnosis sessions you can listen to in the COMFORT of your OWN HOME!

We’re talking eighteen high-quality sessions, dealing with everything from anxiety relief to weight loss, public speaking to stopping smoking, memory improvement to playing better golf.

Can you IMAGINE what it’d be like to be hypnotized by such a GREAT HYPNOTHERAPIST?

Well, take it one step further.

Can you IMAGINE what it’d be like if you had INSTANT ACCESS to not just ONE of his powerful hypnosis sessions – but to his ENTIRE COLLECTION of EIGHTEEN SESSIONS?

Well, that’s just what Randy is offering.


“Excellent, I'm really impressed at this collection. Eighteen fantastic hypnosis sessions, can't believe how cheap I got this for. Thank you very much!”

- Jennifer Lansbury, www.dream-meanings-kit.com 

Discover the 18 POWERFUL Hypnosis Sessions
Created By Randy to Change ANY Area of Your Life!
PLUS: Own This ENTIRE Collection for Just $39.95!

Are you ready to DISCOVER some of Randy’s powerful hypnosis sessions?

Just browse through the following list to discover the most popular hypnosis sessions, recording by Randy himself.

But here’s the BEST PART...

All you have to do is BUY ONE of these sessions, at the individual price of just $39.95, and we’ll send you the OTHER SEVENTEEN, absolutely FREE of CHARGE!!

No kidding!


You won’t find this offered anywhere else.

Are you READY to take advantage?

Browse through the hypnosis sessions here, and learn more about each one...

Allergy Relief

Allergy Relief

Stop being a slave to hay fever and other allergies! Wave goodbye to problematic pollen and disastrous dust. Let this gentle session reprogram your mind and permanently calm your allergy - within just minutes!
Back Pain Relief

Back Pain Relief

Why suffer the aches and pains that back problems bring when you don’t have to? Recover your posture and freedom of movement the easy way. Get back your mobility and start living a pain-free life again!
Be Psychic

Be Psychic

Get in touch with your psychic self. Learn how to predict the future, trust your intuition and open up those natural psychic channels. Master ESP and uncover a whole new world of possibilities inside yourself!
Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking

Set your imagination free; learn to think outside the box. Unleash your creativity on demand and activate your inner genius. This stimulating session will help you access your own internal Da Vinci!
Effective Public Speaking

Effective Public Speaking

Find the confidence to be a powerful and persuasive speaker who’s always calm and in control, able to perform in front of any crowd, large or small. Learn how to relax and let words roll off your tongue more fluently than ever before!
Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Discover how to set and reach realistic goals. Achieve all your ambitions and realize your dreams. Take the effort out of meeting deadlines as you become organized, efficient and bang on target, every time!
Guided Relaxation

Guided Relaxation

Find out how you can enjoy true total relaxation. Shut out all your cares and worries - and chill out in a world of peace and serenity. Feel the stress melt away as you leave your troubles behind!
Master Martial Arts

Master Martial Arts

Uncover the core of your own physical and mental strength. Get the confidence and power to truly discipline your mind and body to perfection, able to take the martial art of your choice to the absolute limit!
Memory Improvement

Memory Improvement

Want a memory that’s sharp, clear and totally reliable? This session will de-clutter your mind and help you remember everything. Give your brain a makeover from the inside out and enjoy limitless powers of recall!
Migraine Relief

Migraine Relief

Feel the pain in your brain dissolve away as this session helps get rid of discomfort and lets you start living again. Soothe away headaches as you recapture your energy and enthusiasm for life!
Money and Prosperity

Money and Prosperity

Enjoy a life of wealth and luxury. Find out how to attract riches and success beyond your wildest dreams. Change the way you think about money and learn how to get into the millionaire’s mindset!
Play Better Golf

Play Better Golf

Put your best foot forward and perform at your peak. Give your game the ultimate boost from tee to green with this performance-enhancing session. Perfect shots and ideal club selection will become second-nature!
Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Overcome obstacles and breeze through blockages. Get a fresh outlook that’ll help you solve the toughest problems with ease. Learn to think in new ways and bring a fresh approach to any situation!
Sales Power

Sales Power

Become the super salesperson you always wanted to be. Reach targets easily, clinch deals more often and watch your success rates soar. Get the confidence and self-belief that’ll transform you into a selling dynamo!
Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Get back a healthy, smoke-free life as this sensational session helps you kick the habit once and for all. Say no to nicotine and toodle-oo to tobacco as you curb your cravings and eliminate smoking from your life for good!
Stress Relief

Stress Relief

Remove all that stress that’s building up inside. This powerful session will help you wash away your worries and give you renewed hope and optimism. Ease the pressure on your life with this virtual stress relief valve!
Time Management

Time Management

Find out how to get organized and stay that way. This fantastic session helps you prioritize and put tasks into their proper perspectives, letting you find more effective, efficient ways to manage your time!
Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Forget fad diets: take control of your mind and body with this sensational session. Shed excess weight and find your ideal figure again. Find the determination and will power to keep weight off for good!

“Lose weight, stop smoking, improve your memory, increase your confidence - change your mind, change your life. With these sessions from Randy, everything in your life is possible.”

- Michael Masterman, www.geniusmindset.com

Here's How YOU Can Save Almost $2000 - TODAY!
Grab All 18 Hypnosis Sessions in MP3 format for $39.95!

So, are YOU ready to gain access to Randy’s SECRET Hypnosis Vault?

When Randy is accepting new clients, he typically charges a staggering $350 per hour. Right now, he so busy, you can’t even make an appointment to see him.

That’s why he typically sells his hypnosis CDs for upwards of $100 each. (That's almost $2000 for the whole collection.)

However, if you decide to purchase ANY ONE of his hypnosis sessions above, you’ll get it for JUST $39.95.

Not only that, we’ll send you the OTHER SEVENTEEN hypnosis sessions ABSOLUTELY FREE of CHARGE.

In other words, you’ll get ALL EIGHTEEN hypnosis sessions above FOR JUST $39.95!

There’s NEVER been a better time to purchase!

And can you IMAGINE what it’d be like to have instant access to a Hypnosis Vault of this size? No matter what your problem, just check into the Hypnosis Vault – and play the hypnosis session to cure it!

For just $39.95, you’ll receive access to ALL EIGHTEEN SESSIONS, you will get details on how to access the series immediately after purchase.

No "approval period." No rebilling. No small print. Just $39.95. Full stop.

You can’t get any better than that.

Are YOU ready to discover the power of Randy Charac – and his Hypnosis Vault?

Then CLICK the button below to order your copy of the entire vault, TODAY!

Click HERE to Buy the Hypnosis Vault!

Price USD $39.95.
We accept credit cards and PayPal.


“Whether you're looking to gain more confidence, or improve your business skills - there's something for you inside this package. Double the size of your self-help library. Buy it!”

- Karl Moore, "The Meta Secret",

Are YOU Ready to Change Your Life - TODAY?
We GUARANTEE You'll Be THRILLED With These Hypnosis Sessions - Or We'll Refund Every Penny!

Want to discover the entire Hypnosis Vault – absolutely RISK-FREE?

We know you’ll be absolutely THRILLED by everything you find inside the Hypnosis Vault. But we want you to KNOW that you’re not risking a single penny by trying it out.

That’s why we’re offering this EXCLUSIVE 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!

If you’re not STUNNED and AMAZED by the entire Hypnosis Vault package... If your life is not CHANGED within JUST DAYS of listening to the sessions... If you don’t believe the package represents AMAZING VALUE for MONEY... If you’re not SUPER-IMPRESSED in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER...

... Then we absolutely INSIST that we give you a FULL REFUND!

There’s absolutely NOTHING to lose, and the entire guarantee is backed by our publishers, the Self Development Network.

So, what are you waiting for?

Click on the button below and grab YOUR copy of the entire Hypnosis Vault, absolutely RISK-FREE!!

Click HERE to Buy the Hypnosis Vault!

Price USD $39.95.
We accept credit cards and PayPal.


The stars pay tens of thousands to change their lives with Randy Charac.

You’ll be getting him in the comfort of your own home – at ANY time of the day or night, repeated WHENEVER you want – on the topics that matter most to YOU –

- All for JUST $39.95, and a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!

There’s NEVER been a better time to discover the world of hypnosis.

And there’s NEVER BEEN a better hypnotherapist than Randy.

But you’ll soon discover that for yourself.

So, click on the following link and grab all EIGHTEEN of Randy’s hypnosis sessions – for JUST $39.95:

Click HERE to Buy the Hypnosis Vault!

Price USD $39.95.
We accept credit cards and PayPal.


Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

With my best wishes,

Trent Steele
Trent Steele, Site Manager
Part of the Self Development Network


PS. You won’t find this offer ANYWHERE ELSE! We’ve never given away so many Randy Charac goodies at once. You’re paying the price of just a SINGLE DISCOUNTED SESSION – and getting the entire eighteen-strong series. You can’t beat that! Click HERE to purchase NOW, RISK-FREE!

PPS. Close this page and you could lose out FOREVER! This special discount offer won’t last forever. After selling 1000 copies, we intend to begin retailing sessions individually again. It’ll cost you at least $1979.10 (RRP $109.95 x 18) to access this material in the future. Click HERE to buy the entire Hypnosis Vault NOW!

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